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  • Site Inspection

Site Inspection

Site Inspection

The Site Inspection consultant service is designed to provide consultaion to the customer to rivew site Requirment.

We do the Site Inspection study two ways before installing the equipment and after installing the equipment. Pre-Installation Consulting Services , Site inspections are a set of regular activities to check and verify the on-field compliance including Safety Standards, Electrical Recommendations Like Input Output wiring Cable sizing Switchgear type etc, Equipment Room requirement , Environmental inspection & recommendation. Equipment Positing & Moving, Equipment working conditions, Visual Inspection Checking Equipment Leakages, Checking Abnormal Noise, Checking Over temperature and Electrical and Electronics Component over swell. UPS-Battery-Stabilizer, System Cleaning, Equipment Functional Verification, firmware upgrades, and other critical areas of work site.

For locations with a Equipment already installed, our site surveys provide essential advice on optimising your system. They help determine whether components such as batteries, capacitors, and Stabilizer Oil and Cooling fans need replacement. . And if you’re planning to expand, our power surveys can assist with UPS sizing and efficiency.