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  • Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Timely aceess to spare parts is essential for maintenance and power availibility.

The purpose of a PM is to provide a detailed inspection of the unit, which helps to identify and rectify any problems. It also enables service engineers to upgrade software and perform system tweaks to optimise operational performance and efficiency.

A PM incorporates a visual test of the UPS /Stabilizer, plus a physical check of all electrical connections. Many UPS maintenance companies now use sophisticated thermal imaging technology that can pick up more faults than the human eye or touch.

Particular attention is paid to circuit breakers, contactors, fuses, cabling, transformers, printed circuit boards, capacitors, fans and communications slots. Battery backup check & Batteries are inspected for signs of damage, corrosion or leaks, with all terminal connections & Walter level. all battery checked to ensure they are at the correct torque setting.Engineers also carry out several mechanical tests on the functionality of the UPS, recording the system’s operating state and vital electrical measurements like input output Voltage, current, frequency etc.Checked all connection & tightness visually & actually. Equipment cleans with Air Blower.

In addition, a PM includes a download and full review of the UPS performance history logs, as well as ensuring the unit has the latest firmware installed. The final steps in a Preventive Maintenance Visit for UPS will see the engineer complete the maintenance register, provide a full report of any faults found during the visit, and highlight any recommended recommendation.