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Load Study

Load Study

Sizing & Design

The Load Profile is basically a graph showing how the load demand changes with respect to time. It is the subsequent step after choosing the critical and essential loads for uninterrupted power protection. Through the load profile, the design load and energy demand values, which are prerequisites for UPS /Stabilizer Sizing calculation, can be derived.

UPS & Stabilizer Sizing .is an important process in order to closely match the UPS & Stabilizer capacity to its load. This is done to come up with a sufficient overall uninterruptible and controlled power supply, so that it will operate efficiently at the lowest possible cost. An oversized UPS/Stabilizer system will lead to increased operating expenses, while an undersized unit will be susceptible to overloading and has a small load capability for long-term growth. Also, UPS& Stabilizer sizing aims to determine the practical ratings of its main components – battery, rectifier and the inverter.

The UPS Sizing process involves the following five basic steps

Identify and select the prospective UPS loads. Create a load profile and derive the UPS design load (VA) and energy (VAh). Compute the battery size (number of cells in series and Ah capacity). Determine the overall UPS Size. Determine the size of the UPS rectifier and inverter.

In the Stabilizer Load study we collect data as follows and selecting a Servo Stabilizer .

No. of phases – Single or Three-phase. Range of Input voltage. Nominal output voltage . Power rating / capacity of the Servo Stabilizer in KVA. Max current. Voltage correction speed volts/sec. Types OF Stabilizer Air Cooled or Oil Cooled.

Voltronics Technical personnel will provide a visual inspection of the system and surrounding environment. A detailed site report will be provided to the Customer documenting the checks and measurements performed during the visit. The report will highlight any potential points of concern with corrective action recommendations based on Voltronics Services best practices. The Inspection Visit Services for UPS and Battery Stabilizer Systems is available during normal business hours with an available 24/7 scheduling upgrade, including weekends and holidays.