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  • Capacitor And Replacement Service

Capacitor and Replacement Service

Capacitor Replacement Services

Extend the Lifetime of UPS Equipment

UPS Capacitor and Fan Replacement UPS capacitor and fan replacement form part of our maintenance programs and are designed to ensure optimum operation of your UPS and prevent the aging of these components. Accurate planning of these maintenance activities protects your system from ever changing environmental conditions and ensures that it is in the best health to operate.

UPS capacitors naturally age over time, degrading physically and chemically. Even though a capacitor can deliver up to 7-8years of service life, best practice advises replacement between years 4 and 8 to reduce the threat of serious failure.

What happens when capacitors fail?

Leaking oil Deformation Burnt valve cap protrusion Increase in temperature Scorched wire

When should you replace capacitors?

AC input capacitors AC output capacitors DC capacitors


Ensuring uptime and reliability of your critical system. Extend UPS unit lifetime Planned maintenance service program Accurate long-term budget allocation for maintenance program