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Servo Voltage Stabilizer Suppliers in India

What is a Servo controlled stabilizer? Why should I install one?

A servo voltage stabilizer is a servo motor controller stabilization system that performs optimum voltage supply using a buck boost transformer booster that capture voltage fluctuation from input and regulates current to the correct output. an AC Synchronous motor adjusts voltage in clockwise or anticlockwise direction The command depends on the voltage requirement, which needs to be increased or decreased.

The Servo Motor pushes the mechanism of Carbon Brushes/Rollers that are located on Copper Wounded Regulators/Coils. It ultimately regulates the fluctuating voltage and maintains the stabilized output within a few seconds. and manges the output voltage with components like control card , dimmer , comparator , transistor , mocs etc.

Voltronics is the leading manufacturer of Servo Voltage Stabilizers in India and globally. We are helping the industry to overcome the problem of voltage fluctuation.

Types of Servo controlled voltage stabilizers - Air cooled stabilizer Oil cooled stabilizer

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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Why do I use a Servo stabilizer? Usage of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

A Servo Stabilizer is not just a voltage fixing system, but a completely reliable energy device that is advantageous over the traditional relay based stabilizer. We have quite a number of benefits of using Servo:

  Unbalanced Voltage :
This problem is faced by major industries, where common transformers are used to distribute power to multiple destinations. With Servo Voltage Stabilizers, the power distribution is smooth and balanced.

  High Voltage :
High Voltage is generated by disconnection of large loads, atmospheric events, increase of voltage at the generating plant or other reasons. Such surges can be avoided with stabilizers.

 Low Voltage :
This situation is caused due to undersized distribution lines, a connection of large loads, ground faults or other causes. To prevent affecting the machines/equipment, Servo Voltage Stabilizers have proved their worth.

Block Diagram
Servo controlled stabilizer Block Diagram

What is the difference between Air cooled & Oil cooled servo stabilizer?

Servo transformers provide better utility of power and handle current fluctuation better than other type of equipments. A company’s need in controlling power can vary according to its choice and feasibility of the unit. Basically, there are two types of Servo models that prevail in the market today. The one is a Servo oil cooled stabilizer and the other is Servo air cooled stabilizer. Both these types of apparatus work on the same principle, i.e. stabilization of voltage and regulating the output. When the voltage comes low, the unit will bring it up to the required level and in case there is a high voltage, obviously the output will be cut off. In both scenarios, the working induces a comprehensive study on the architecture of these two models so that we can compare which one to prefer on our buyer’s list.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Servo Stabilizer Oil cooled Servo Stabilizer Air cooled
Cooling oil of coiling Cooling by air of coiling
Capillary for oil rotation Louvers in air cooled
Heavy load in summer also, Low load, heats up in summer
30 kVA oil cooled, 75 kVA can bear
Weight 1.5% Weight 1%
Expensive due to design
0.8 power factor 0.9 power factor-for 30 kVA 40 kVA is designed
Life oil cooled Less air cooled life
Fans for cooling above 50 kVA

Servo Controlled Stabilizer Features & Benefits

  • Protects the life of the equipment from severe voltage fluctuations
  • Provides regulation with overall energy saving (98+% efficiency)
  • Set out put voltage as per requirement
  • Over voltage under voltage cut off protection
  • Set input voltage band
  • Upto isolated motor drive control
  • Fully microcontroller function
  • True rms sensing without control transformer output and input
  • Improvement in quality of goods
  • Increased production by reducing the manufacturing defective items
  • Better safety and protection
  • Fewer breakdowns and Uniform quality of end products
  • Over load cut off protection
  • Trip delay adjustment with variable setting

Servo Controlled Stabilizer Applications

Engineering units, Pharmaceutical units
Engineering units, Pharmaceutical units
Cold storage, Air conditioning plants
Cold storage, Air conditioning plants
Offset printing machines, Textile mills
Offset printing machines, Textile mills
Cement plants, Flour mills, Oil industries
Cement plants, Flour mills, Oil industries
paper mills, rubber industries, tea estates
paper mills, rubber industries, tea estates
food processing units, distilleries and beverages
food processing units, distilleries and beverages
Speakers / Music System
Speakers / Music System
clubs, hotels, multi-storeyed buildings, hospitals
clubs, hotels, multi-storeyed buildings, hospitals