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  • Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement Service

Proper Back-up

The Service life of a battery is limited and depends on many factors, including age, usage, environment and maintenance. IEEE standards recommend replacing a battery at the time its capacity drops below 80%. A typical UPS or Inverter battery may start to lose capacity or fail within 3-5 years. Proactively replacing batteries will help to keep the power backup system running up to specifications and minimize the risk of downtime to your business operations.

Voltronics offers a complete range of battery replacement services to handle all your needs. Every year we replace several thousand batteries. Our factory-trained battery specialists are experts in all aspects of battery service and replacement. Replacement and installation services cover both valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA), also known as sealed maintenance-free (SMF) batteries and wet-cell (also called flooded) batteries.