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Sealed Maintenance Free Battery Suppliers in India

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

Available ranges : 12v-5AH, 7.2AH, 9AH, 12AH, 18AH, 26AH, 42AH, 65AH, 100AH, 120AH, 150AH, 200AH

Sealed free maintenance lead acid batteries are designed with AGM technology,high performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fields of Online UPS, Security and Emergency lighting system.

SMF BATTERY ( Sealed Maintenance Free ) batteries also know as the Value regulated lead acid (VRLA) Batteries are the flat plates batteries that do not require topping –up water /gases /acid on a continues basis they are completely sealed and eliminate the risk of acid spillage during transportation. Due to their construction it can be mounted in any orientation and do not require constant maintenance. So called maintenance free battery.

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Security System
Sealed Maintenance Free

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery Features & Benefits

  • Positive plate with cyclic grid alloy for higher cycle life
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20* Cto +50*C)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Radial grid for low internal resistance, quick recharge and high discharge performance
  • Copper alloy screw type terminals for better electrical conductivity, absolute possitve contact
  • Excellent deep discharge capability and ability to withstand frequent and long power failures
  • Low self discharge for longer shelf life
  • AGM Separator for greter compression and longer life

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery Applications

Online UPS
Online UPS
Dc source
Dc Source
Security systems
Security Systems
Railway communication
Railway Communication